Boyfriend in court after stabbing pregnant girlfriend and killing her unborn baby daughter

Jealous boyfriend appears in court after stabbing his pregnant army vet girlfriend in the stomach and killing her unborn baby daughter over claims she was cheating

The boyfriend of Liv Abreu has appeared in court after stabbing the pregnant army vet in the stomach – killing her unborn child.

Oscar Alvarez, 30, is accused of brutally stabbing Ms Abreu dozens of times in a frenzied attack at her apartment in the Bronx on Tuesday.

Ms Abreu was said to be fighting for her life in hospital after the attack, but her 26-week-old baby was killed in the melee.

She was said to have suffered at least 30 stab wounds to the torso and only survived after crawling up the stairs and screaming for help from neighbors.

First responders transported Abreu to Lincoln Hospital, where her baby was pronounced dead. She was listed in critical but stable condition as of this morning.

The reported, citing unnamed sources, that the 30-year-old Alvarez fled the scene in Abreu‘s 2004 Jeep Cherokee SUV after the stabbing, but turned himself in to police at 4am.

The boyfriend allegedly claimed that the attack that killed Abreu‘s baby was an accident. It was not clear whether or not he was the father.

Alvarez was taken in for questioning and charges against him were pending.

Abreu was a former paratrooper in the US Army.  She earned a degree in political science in 2012 from the City University of New York and served as a spokesperson for the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

Both she and her boyfriend worked at a T-Mobile store in Manhattan, where she was a retail manager.

A neighbor said Abreu was excited about her pregnancy, and a super in her building told the mom-to-be had only recently said how she wished her mother, who died last year, had lived to meet her baby.

The young couple had lived in the building near Yankee Stadium for about a year, and most neighbors told they saw no signs of domestic violence, but one resident said that in recent months, a woman‘s screams would echo through the building, and she believes it might have been Abreu.