Chinese firefighter saves a suicidal teen from balcony ledge

Firefighter saves a suicidal teen from the edge of a 16-storey balcony as he threatens to jump for ‘not being able to play video games‘

A firefighter abseiled two floors down to save a teenage boy who stood dangerously at a 16th floor ledge in south-east.

The 14-year-old boy threatened his step-father to commit suicide after being banned to play video games.

He refused to be saved and attempted to jump off the building when the firefighter grabbed him and brought into the balcony.

The boy, whose name has not been revealed, was standing at the edge of a balcony at 160ft high in Quanzhou, Fujian Province at 6:30am on May 22. 

Quanzhou Luojiang firefighters were sent to the scene as some tried to talk to the boy while setting a safety cushion on the ground floor, reported.

The boy‘s mother, aunts and other relatives were called to the scene to persuade the boy to quit. 

taken by neighbours shows a firefighter abseiling down from the 17th floor and stretching his arms to grab the teenager.

The teenager refused to cooperate as he tried to jump and left his leg dangled in midair.

SWAT police officers helped to drag the boy back into the balcony. 

It‘s believed the boy did not sustain any injuries.

The incident is currently undergoing investigations.

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