Cy Walsh who murdered his father is let out of mental health facility

Son who stabbed his footy coach father to death is let out of secure mental health facility for MS treatment – as judge says he is ready to show he ‘can be trusted in the community‘

A man who stabbed his footy coach father to death has been allowed out of a secure mental health facility to get treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Cy Walsh, 29, was sent to the facility after repeatedly stabbing his father Phil, the late coach of the Crows team, to death in 2015.

The Supreme Court found at the time that he was mentally incompetent when he killed his father inside their beachside Adelaide home.

According to , on Tuesday, Justice Anne Bampton of the Supreme Court approved a variation to his psychiatric licence conditions for the release. 

Judge Bampton said Walsh was ‘ready to be offered the opportunity to show he can be trusted in the community.‘  

Walsh was granted permission to leave the mental health facility for scheduled medical appointments, while accompanied at all times by two staff members of the facility. 

Walsh‘s schizophrenia is stable, and he has had an excellent response to antipsychotic medication,‘ she said.

‘Psychiatrists are of the opinion he will comply with any conditions — one psychiatrist considered Walsh would only need to be accompanied by one supervisor.‘

‘All agree he is ready to be offered the opportunity to show he can be trusted in the community, which is also necessary for his ongoing (mental health) rehabilitation.‘ 

In 2016, Justice Anne Bampton ordered that Walsh spend his life under a limiting term, which is psychiatric supervision similar to a jail term. Since then, he has been held in the secure James Nash house mental health facility.

However, last year, Walsh‘s legal team told the court that he had been diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis and would require treatment from a neurologist. 

Walsh‘s lawyer, Trish Johnson, applied for a variation to his psychiatric supervision licence on humanitarian ground. This variation would enable supervised release from the secure mental health facility, to receive treatment.  

Justice Bampton granted an order for supervised day release for medical treatment. She also ordered further reports and adjourned the matter until September, when the court will assess his behaviour under the new variation.