EastEnders viewers clock major blunder over mysterious character

EastEnders viewers clock MAJOR blunder after mysterious character gets off Tube to buy beer and gets back on the same carriage

The much-loved soap left fans in tears as Shakil Kazemi went unnoticed by Albert Square residents following his violent stabbing.

Yet, viewers had a touch of respite from the harrowing storyline of late as they spotted a major blunder on Tuesday night‘s installment when a girl got off the Tube to purchase only to get back on the same carriage with her beer.

The double-take moment happened as Hayley Slater spoke and handed over cash to to another female passenger, who claimed she slept rough and needed money for essentials.

After Hayley handed over the cash, which she had swindled out of a male passenger earlier, the unknown girl then stepped off the tube.

But that wasn‘t the last fans would see of the mysterious character when she appeared in a later scene on the same carriage with a four pack of beer in tow. 

The exchange left viewers scratching their heads as they tried to comprehend how the girl managed to get to an off-licence to buy her beer and back down to the Tube platform to catch the same train as Hayley.

Taking to Twitter in their droves, fans of the soap poked fun at the hilarious error and sharing slew of rib-tickling tweets in response.

One bamboozled viewer shared: ‘She must of bought that beer from the on tube off licence?‘

‘How’d this girl get off the train, go get beer and come back to the exact train?‘ another wrote. ‘How did she manage to get a drink and still be on the same train?‘

A fan posted: ‘That’s some odd train. Passengers coming back ten minutes later‘.

‘Just caught up with #EastEnders which had some rather bizarre scenes on a tube train where people could just teleport back to it,‘ another wrote. ‘She gets off the tube, goes to buy beer and gets back on THE SAME TRAIN?‘

One shared: ‘Imagine being able to get off the tube, go and buy yourself some drinks and then hop back on the same train #EastEnders.‘ 

The Tube scenes comes after she once again found herself at loggerheads with the Slaters and headed into a bathroom where she removed bandages from her abdomen, concealing a baby bump that implied she was several months along.

Thrown out of the Queen Vic pub with nowhere to go, harrowing scenes on Tuesday night‘s show saw Hayley sleeping rough on the tube in an attempt to stay warm.

In a brutally honest portrayal of the period poverty suffered by many girls today, Hayley was also seen using whatever she could after failing to have a sanitary towel to hand.

And in the episode‘s closing moments, Hayley was seen calling someone saying she needed to see them urgently.

The camera then switched to show Martin Fowler (Dominic Treadwell-Collins) on the phone as well, leading many fans to speculate that he could be the baby‘s father.

One fan wrote on ‘Anyone else thinking Martin is Hayley‘s baby daddy?‘ while another tweeted: ‘I bet Hayley slept with Martin and now she‘s pregnant.‘

This would be a huge shock to Martin just as he got his marriage to Stacey (Lacey Turner) back on track, especially as she remains in the dark that Hayley is her cousin.

Fans will have to wait and see how the aftermath unfolds, and whether the theories are right that Martin is the baby‘s dad.

EastEnders continues on Thursday 24th May at 7:30pm on One.