Glaswegian woman struggles to communicate with her ‘racist‘ Alexa

‘You just hate Scottish people, you cow‘: Glaswegian woman struggles to communicate with her ‘racist‘ Alexa – before hilariously launching into a terrible cockney accent

A hilarious¬†video shows a failing to communicate with her ‘racist‘ Alexa – until she puts on a terrible cockney accent.

Marj Massie also brands the device a ‘f****** cow‘ as it flatly refuses to recognise her Scottish brogue.

But when she puts on an ‘English‘ accent even worse than Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, Alexa immediately gets the message.

A fuming Ms Massie, from , ends the clip: ‘F*** off – you just hate Scottish people, you cow.‘

Ms Massie filmed herself trying to communicate with the device as she made a meal in the kitchen and wanted to hear Dana‘s 1998 hit ‘Something‘s Cooking in My Kitchen‘.

Ms Massie uploaded the clip to Facebook with the caption: ‘Alexa is racist and HATES SCOTTISH people. Proof.‘

Alexa keeps mishearing ‘Dana‘ as ‘Donna‘ and repeatedly fails to find the song on Spotify.

Ms Massie rants: ‘It‘s no f****** Donna. F****** cow.‘

Switching to ‘nice‘, Ms Massie can be heard saying slowly: ‘Alexa, please, please, please play ‘Something‘s Cooking in My Kitchen‘ by Dana.‘

Alexa again says she can‘t find the song by ‘Donna‘, to which Ms Massie replies: ‘F****** look it up ya cow. Alexa, stop being an arse.‘

A man in the background can be heard talking to Ms Massie, telling her to give up and ask for a joke. 

She replies: ‘I don‘t want to hear a bloody well joke, I want her to play that song. That song popped into my head when I was cooking. I want to hear that bloody well song.‘

Ms Massie decides to try an ‘English‘ accent, telling the machine: ‘Alexa, play ‘Somefinks cooking in my kitchen‘ by DA-NA.‘

Immediately, the device begins to play a sample of the song, and Ms Massie exclaims: ‘F*** off! You just hate Scottish people ya cow.‘

On social media, Roma Mcluskey said: ‘I love this. Alexa ya wee electronic boot.‘

Jeff Jeffrey added: ‘Tell Alexa to go do one, silly f*d of a machine.‘

Angela James-Liddle commented: ‘Ffs I nearly ended myself laughing then.‘

Susan Broadfoot wrote: ‘That is absolutely hysterical. I‘m crying here.‘

James Thompson commented: ‘Your mental doll, but yer funny as fek.‘

Tracy Lawrence said: ‘I‘m exactly the same Marj, i was roaring at her the other day‘ Alexa I‘m going to f** leather you. She drives me nuts.‘

While Shirley McAlpine said simply: ‘Hilarious.‘¬†