Hippos save wildebeest from crocodiles in struggle in South Africa 

Incredible moment hippos SAVE a wildebeest from crocodiles in epic struggle at a waterhole in South Africa

Astonishing footage shows a struggling wildebeest being saved from a savage crocodile attack by an unlikely group of rescuers.

The fascinating footage was filmed on a safari with Chasin‘ Africa Safaris in northeastern .

As the team approached Gezanftombi Dam, near Crocodile Bridge, they noticed wildebeest grazing nearby.

They moved their car into a location so that they had a clear position to take some photos of the wild animals.

It was at that moment that a deadly crocodile unexpectedly jumped high out the water and clamped its teeth over one unlucky wildebeest.

As the rest of the startled animals scurried away from danger, a game of tug of war ensued between the fearsome reptile and wildebeest.

But just as all seemed lost for the reptile‘s next meal, things took an extraordinary turn.  

The wildebeest would attempt to pull itself out of the water while the crocodile would drag it back in.

As the poor wildebeest began to tire in the struggle it appeared that more crocodiles were approaching – but it became clear that it was actually hippos.

The footage shows the heroic hippos approach the struggling creature and pounce on the crocodile which forced it to release its grip on the wildebeest.  

Taking advantage of this, the wildebeest then managed to escape after a long battle.