Love Island Australia‘s formula for romance explained

Sexy singletons, ruthless re-couplings and X-rated bedroom antics: Love Island‘s raunchy format explained… and the explosive finale twist that will leave fans shocked

It‘s the dating show that swept Britain into a fever last summer, spawning endless memes, spin-off shows and a celebrity following.

And as makes its hotly-anticipated debut Down Under on Sunday, Daily Mail Australia explains how the raunchy competition works.

From ruthless ‘re-couplings‘ to an explosive twist during the finale, the 9Go exclusive is bound to have viewers hooked.

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How it works 

Five men and five women are sent to a lavish villa on the Spanish island of Mallorca, where the UK version was also filmed.

They are completely cut off from the outside world and under constant surveillance.

The sexy singletons do, however, receive mobile phones which serve the purpose of alerting them to upcoming dates.

In-between dates, the contestants will take part in X-rated group tasks, ranging from competitive kissing to sex position challenges.

Coupling up 

The genetically-blessed guys and girls ‘couple up‘ the minute the enter the villa and before they‘ve even spoken to each other.

They line up facing each other and the girls take it in turns to choose the boy who they most like the look of.  

They‘re not obliged to stay together and can swap couples in the villa, a tactic that causes explosive rows as new contestants enter the house.

How the daters get eliminated

Each week, the contestants announce who they want to stay ‘coupled up‘ with in a ceremony. 

It‘s a fight or flight scenario – meaning whoever is left single will be sent back home.

However, as the couples start to build stronger connections throughout the series, the public gets to decide who is eliminated through a voting system.

Viewers get to vote for their favourite couples, and by the finale only three will be left standing.

Explosive finale twist 

The three remaining couples compete for a cash prize in the final, which is £50,000 (AU$89,000) in the British version.

The shocking twist is that when the winning couple get the money, the man and woman can choose to split the cash or take it all for themselves.

If one person chooses to share the money while the other opts to take it all for themselves, the latter ends up with the total cash prize.

Meanwhile, the loved-up contestant who was willing to share the earnings leaves with nothing.

The X-rated rules 

 reported that the contestants on the British version of Love Island have restrictions on their passionate liaisons.

This includes a ban on full nudity, a ‘no masturbation‘ order, and strict rules prohibiting participants from engaging in sex with drunk co-stars. 

In addition to these rules, participants are given a handbook on a wide range of topics, including sexual consent and protection.

The host 

The Bachelorette‘s Sophie Monk will host the sexy series, and has already promised it will be the raunchiest dating show yet.

She confirmed that the contestants‘ steamy bedroom antics will not be censored, telling : ‘It‘s Big Brother meets a lot of sex… I love watching the sex scenes!‘

She added: ‘Australia always tends to be safer, but not now – you can see everything.‘

When it starts

Love Island Australia will premiere on Sunday, May 27 at 8:30pm on 9Go! And 9Now.

The irresistible series will screen every night from Sunday to Thursday, giving viewers plenty to talk about. 

Also, each episode will be filmed 24 hours before screening.