MAFS‘ Gabrielle Bartlett tired of people complimenting weight-loss

‘My health should be celebrated, not whether I‘m a size 10 or a size 18!‘ MAFS‘ Gabrielle Bartlett says she is tired of people complimenting her weight-loss following toxic shock syndrome battle

star Gabrielle Bartlett, 44, says she is tired of fans complimenting her recent .

The star, who dropped several dress sizes earlier this year due to a battle with toxic shock syndrome, revealed to  that she believes that thinner doesn‘t always mean healthier.

‘I keep thinking if I was an impressionable 14-year-old girl right now, I‘d actually be quite concerned about the messages coming my way,‘ she said. 

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‘I‘ve then gone on to clarify that I‘ve actually been quite unwell and I am working on getting better. And then they‘ve looked at me quite blankly and said, ‘But you look great‘‘.

She added: ‘My message – and something I talk about with my daughter – is I believe that my health should be celebrated and not whether I‘m a size 10 or a size 18.

‘It‘s about how I‘m feeling about myself and confident I am in myself.‘

Toxic shock syndrome is potentially life-threatening bacterial condition and is often caused by the use of super absorbent tampons. 

Having almost fully recovered from the condition, Gabrielle told Nine Honey that she has stopped using tampons and that she now considers her health ‘a gift‘. 

Back in February, Gabrielle revealed her secret battle with toxic shock syndrome, telling that ‘things went pear-shaped‘ when the infection, combined with her low blood pressure, sent her to the hospital.

She has been hospitalised five times since January, with her most recent stay just two weeks ago.  

Ever-candid Gabrielle also spoke about her alopecia in an episode of Married At First Sight.

‘I‘ve been through some pretty tough times. I suffer from alopecia. When I was about 11, my hair all fell out,‘ she tearfully told the cameras in the series premiere.

Gabrielle found fame after appearing on Married At First Sight this year alongside TV husband Nasser Sultan.