Mark Wright arrives for his brother Josh‘s Stateside stag party

Mark Wright leads a group of lads through LAX airport in a custom T-shirt as he arrives for his brother Josh‘s Stateside stag party

He has already celebrated his brother Josh‘s stag party in his native Essex.

But Mark Wright brought his brother Josh to his new home Los Angeles for a Stateside ‘bachelor party‘ on Tuesday, where he will no doubt show the boys a good time.

The former star, 31, was pictured landing at LAX airport with a group of lads all dressed in personalised party T-shirts baring their names.

The T-shirts were printed with ‘LA – Vegas J.W Stag 2018‘ indicating that the stags are heading to vibrant Nevada after kicking off in LA.

On their backs, the group wore a mock-up of midfielder Josh‘s Gillingham football shirt with ‘Wright‘ and ‘44‘ emblazoned on the back.

Mark, who is serving as one of two ‘best men‘ at the wedding,‘ displayed his love for his new home in an LA cap, too. 

Just a few days ago, Extra‘s US showbiz reporter was presenting coverage on the wedding of British royal Prince Harry to American actress Meghan Markle.

He had been in the UK to front the report from Windsor Castle, where the Royal Wedding took place on Saturday.

During his time at home, the one-time reality star also celebrated his brother‘s UK stage do. 

Naturally, the party took place in their home town Essex and went onto local favourite Faces nightclub. 

So far, 16 members of the stag party have landed in the States for Part 2 of the celebrations. 

Taking to his Instagram on Tuesday morning, Josh hinted that there are still more stags to arrive for the party.

Gillingham footballer Josh is set to marry girlfriend Hollie Kane later this year, after proposing last May during a trip to Dubai.

Hollie, who is a triplet, has been dating Josh for seven years and owns her own beachwear brand.  

The blonde bombshell also celebrated her hen party in Hollywood with her two sisters, and her hens.