Maya Jama reveals she was bullied for her Somali heritage

Maya Jama reveals she was bullied for her Somali heritage in school… as she addresses her controversial ‘dark-skinned b*****‘ post for the first time

Maya Jama has spoken about her controversial ‘dark-skinned b******‘ 2012 Tweet for the first time.

Appearing on the on Wednesday, the presenter, 23, admitted she was ‘ignorant‘ when she posted the message back in 2012 – and discussed her own ‘horrible‘ experiences with racial bullying in school. 

Maya, who is half Swedish and half Somali, said she understood the feeling of people ‘taking the p***‘ of your heritage, and apologised again for ‘not understanding the seriousness‘ of her joke. 

Maya caused outrage last month when one of her Tweets from 2012 was unearthed, reading: ‘Dark skin b***** shaving their head expecting to look like Amber Rose, when really they end up looking like Micheal Jordan.‘ Looooooooool.‘

Speaking about the controversy on the podcast, Maya said that she understood where her offended followers were coming from, as she was subject to racist bullying in her youth.

She explained: ‘There were these boys and they were so horrible to me when they found out that I was Somali.‘

Revealing she even used to lie about her background to avoid cruel comments, she went on: ‘When they asked me where I‘m from I used to be like ‘yeah I‘m Spanish and Jamaican‘ or something like that.

‘And just made a whole completely new background because I didn‘t want people to judge me from where I was from.

‘So I get it. It’s not the same thing, but I understand the feeling of people being rude and taking the p*** out of where you are from, or your race or skin colour. When it’s something you can’t change.‘ 

Maya, who is currently dating rapper Stormzy, admitted she had been ‘ignorant‘ at the time, but now realises the upset her wording may have caused. 

‘I was definitely an ignorant person that was trying to make people laugh and not understanding the seriousness of a joke like that,‘ she said. 

‘I have wanted to speak about this as a human and not just some notes on Twitter or some statement or apology.

‘I have wanted to have my voice on something where I can speak because where something like this does happen, if you release something like that, people will just pick it apart either way. But if you get a chance to speak as a person and you can hear where I came from.‘

However, Maya did confess that she was forced to give up social media after the Tweet emerged, due to the shocking and unacceptable backlash she received in return.

She explained: ‘For my own mental health, I don’t want to be sat there scrolling through people sending me abuse and death threats over something that I am not today.‘  

Back in April, Maya offered a ‘sincere‘ apology for the Tweet, shared when she was 17 years old, after the post became a trending topic on the platform. 

After causing backlash, Maya was quick to upload a post with her apology: ‘A tweet has been brought up from 2012 where I quoted an insensitive joke that I saw a comedian say on my timeline.

‘It was a stupid joke that I shouldn‘t have made light of – especially as it‘s offensive to a group of women when who I know constantly deal with disrespect.

‘My genuine & sincerest apologies go out, not just to dark skinned women but to ALL women.

‘I know this was completely wrong, whether it‘s a joke or not, it‘s not ok,‘ she concluded. 

Despite her apology, she appeared to cause further offence as her followers asked why she was saying sorry to ‘all woman‘ when she had solely offended ‘dark skinned women.‘  

‘You didn‘t offend all women, it was dark skinned women. This is why white people think they have a say on situations which don‘t involve them because you let them think they can speak on something that doesn‘t affect them.‘

‘Why are you apologizing to all women when your ugly tweet was directed to dark skin women????.‘

‘Because apologizing to dark skinned women is the hardest thing to do for the all lives matter blacks.‘ 

‘The only women that would have been directly offended by this tweet are dark skinned women, so where was the need to add all women after she stated dark skin already? Lmao.‘ 

‘U offended dark skin women. Not all women. U really chose to take the Caucasian route with this one.‘

In contrast, some of Maya‘s followers were quick to leap to her defence: ‘I respect you for your honesty and owning up to your mistakes and past wrongs. For what it‘s worth your apology accepted ♥.‘

‘People always trying to bring you down when you get success. Sad sad people.‘  

‘Just shows that in 2012 nothing really mattered now in 2018 with literally everyone on social media, makes everything a issue and everyone has to apologize for a little JOKE.‘

‘Big up you for taking accountability & apologising.‘