Melbourne jewellery store held up was balaclava-clad thief

Another terrifying robbery in Melbourne as a thief brazenly holds up a store in the middle of a popular shopping centre with two hammers – before making off with jewellery

A balaclava-clad, hammer-wielding thief held up a jewellery store in a terrifying robbery caught on video. 

The man with two hammers entered the south- Michael Hill store just before 5.30pm on Tuesday.  

Staff and customers sprinted away from the store while others picked up their phone to film the masked man. 

Dramatic footage shows him smash the glass cases with the hammers and grab the high-end jewellery. 

The video footage uploaded by , captured the thief run in to the store and grab the jewellery. 

The man then flees the scene to a waiting getaway car.

Terrified staff and customers run away from the store in the Werribee Shopping Centre.

According to police, the thief ran from the centre in to a sedan which was waiting in the car park. 

The sedan, is believed to have sped from the shopping centre with the armed man. 

No arrests have been made and the retail price of the stolen items is yet to be determined. 

Anyone with information about the heist is urged to Crime Stoppers.