Mother Annie Nolan proudly shares candid photos of her stretch marks

Mother who was so insecure about her stretch marks that she refused to get intimate now embraces her body by sharing candid photos after giving birth to three children

For a moment in her life, Annie Nolan was refusing to get intimate because she felt insecure about her stretch marks.

The stylish young mother, from , revealed her struggles with body image interfered with her relationship.

But now the outspoken blogger, also known as Uncanny Annie, has proudly shared candid pictures of what her stomach looks like after giving birth to three children.

Taking to , the wife of star Liam Picken opened up about the scars on her skin – and how she now regrets feeling self-conscious about them.

‘For a period of my life, I refused intimacy because of my stretch marks,‘ she said.

Adding in a hilarious remark: ‘Friends, I chose “worrying about stretchmarks over having an orgasm”. What the heck was I thinking?‘

But now, Annie said she has since embraced her stretch marks.

‘I already look back and regret opportunities of happiness that I missed because I was worried about my stretch marks and the ridiculous beauty standards I felt I had to conform to. F*** that,‘ she said.

‘I‘m positive that when I‘m laying in my death bed, thinking about life, I won‘t be going, “oh gosh, I really wish I applied more of that bio oil and got laser for my stretch marks”.

‘Hell no. I‘m more likely to think, “gosh making out was fun”.‘

Standing in front of the camera in a sports bra, Annie explained her stomach was ‘exposing‘ her ‘stretch marks all the way up to my belly button‘.

By sharing her story, Annie said she wanted women to accept their stretch marks – and promote body positive.

‘Stretch marks are normal; virtually everyone has them regardless of body type. But most people are still hiding them so we don‘t realise how common they are,‘ she said.

‘Your body stretching isn‘t just normal, it‘s absolutely incredible. It‘s your largest organ doing its thing and accommodating your guts, growing bones, babies and the yummy food inside of you. It‘s your body showing lines of life being lived.

‘Solidarity to all those still fighting the self love battle. As the quote goes, “in a society that profits off your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act”.

‘So let‘s be rebels.‘