Rolling Stones: How does ‘snake hips‘ Mick Jagger stay so energetic?

The Rolling Stones thrilled fans with the first London show of their No Filter tour… so how does ‘snake hips‘ Sir Mick Jagger, 74, stay SO energetic?

He‘s said to cover 12 miles on stage during a three hour performance, due to his energetic dance moves – so how does Sir Mick Jagger, 74, do it?

Well it doesn‘t come easy, that‘s for sure. The septuagenarian has been working out with Norwegian trainer Torje Eike for around 24 years, five or six times a week.

According to , the rocker specialises in stamina and balance, taking ballet lessons and performing yoga and Pilates.

In 2016, the 5ft 10in son of a PE teacher, took up antigravity aerial yoga in a bid to maintain his famous 28-inch waist.    

The demanding practice sees devotees strung up in a hammock suspended six feet in the air, using their own bodyweight to perform demanding gymnastic exercises

Not for the faint-hearted, it requires some serious strength – and those unable to keep up often risk serious injury crashing to the floor, head first. 

Fans claim it increases strength, boosts levels of the feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine and, incredibly, can even make you taller.

Mick also runs around eight miles a day, he swims, cycles, kick-boxes and does resistance training and has an organic diet.

The rocker likes superjuice smoothies — heavy-duty green ones with wheatgrass — for breakfast and takes vitamins daily.

Meals tend to be based around small portions of protein, but when touring he will have a plate of plain pasta to give him energy before a gig. 

He regularly undergoes medicals, and has his blood, oxygen and sugar levels measured, to ensure he stays on track and takes a physio and his personal masseuse — Dr Dot — on tour with him. 

But ahead of the show, Mick admitted it isn‘t ‘getting any easier‘ as they get older. 

He told : ‘I still really enjoy it, you know. As you get older, it doesn’t get any easier playing two hours plus or whatever.

‘But, I don’t think we’d do it if it wasn’t fun… we just keep going doing it. As first-generation rock stars, the band have had to contend with ageism.

‘When you’re like 21, you do things much more quickly than when you’re like whatever age I am.

‘But I still do things. I’m doing some writing right now. I still do it the same way as I did before.‘

The band have a combined age of 294 but are still going strong.

Drummer Charlie Watts is 76; Jagger and Richards are both 74. The ‘baby’ of the band is Ronnie Wood, 70, who has recovered after the removal of a cancerous lesion on his lung. 

Mick gave up drugs after meeting Jerry Hall in the Seventies — she hated his habit of smoking heroin cigarettes, and the cocaine he had enjoyed in the early Seventies.

He’s barely touched alcohol in 25 years. ‘It’s debilitating to drink a lot,’ he told an interviewer. Interested in Buddhism and took a spiritual trip to Laos in 2010. 

In 1982, Mick appeared on a documentary about being in the band for 20 years. 

He said: ‘[Fitness] is all about what shape you were in to start off with. I was in reasonably shape, but not good shape. 

‘It took me two months to get in shape. But if you are on the road for three months, you have to stay there. You can‘t dip off. 

‘You have to do a lot of running on my days off. Because that‘s just what you want to do on your days off. Actually you just want to stay in bed, not go running.‘

During Tuesday night‘s show, Mick joked the Rolling Stones had been preparing to play at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The singer claimed he and his bandmates had spent time rehearsing ‘duets‘ with Sir Elton John – who performed at Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan‘s wedding reception on Saturday – for the nuptials but didn‘t want to share their efforts with fans.

The group‘s social channels offer fans a choice of four songs to be performed that evening, and at the London Stadium, it was revealed the winning track was Under My Thumb – which beat out Let‘s Spend the Night Together, Rocks Off and ‘B**ch‘ in the poll.

But introducing the segment, Mick quipped: ‘We did learn a lot of duets with Elton for the royal wedding but we‘re not gonna do one of them.‘

The veteran rockers delighted fans with a selection of classic hits, including Sympathy For the Devil, Tumbling Dice, Jumpin‘ Jack Flash, Paint It Black, Brown Sugar, Honky Tonk Woman, and a two-track encore of Gimme Shelter and Satisfaction, showing no sign of their advancing years.