Sunrise‘s Kochie says he would have given Malcolm Turnbull the finger

Sunrise star David Koch says he would have given Malcolm Turnbull the finger at the pub if he pushed in … and praises the landscaper fined $756 for ‘protecting Australian culture‘

Sunrise host David Koch has declared he too would have given the finger if he had pushed in to get a beer at the pub.

The breakfast TV star praised landscaper Nick Gordon, who was fined $756 last week for flipping the bird at the Prime Minister at Brisbane‘s Carindale Hotel.

‘It would be fair to say you were protecting Australian culture, weren’t you?,‘ he said today. ‘Our heritage.‘

The 26-year-old landscaper, who was taken to the police watch house on Thursday night last week, replied: ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, that‘s exactly right.‘

The Sunrise host, also known as Kochie, said Mr Gordon had every right to express his displeasure at the Prime Minister jumping the queue for a beer.

‘Fair enough, I‘d give him the bird too,‘ he said.

Doing a live cross from his Brisbane home Mr Gordon, also known as Bluey, said he had spoken to Mr Turnbull about his behaviour without swearing or being violent.

‘I just said to Malcolm Turnbull, I said, “Look, mate, you‘re stepping in my local and you push in front of me”,‘ he said.

‘I was waiting in the line for five minutes getting served, being polite and that and when the lady behind the bar was serving me, the PM just pushed in and got served.

‘I was really unimpressed about it so I just went straight up to him and just gave him and bird and told him to just go back to his parliament and have a few cup of teas.‘ 

The Turnbull Government has stepped up its attack on this unhappy pub patron, with Finance Minister Mathias Cormann accusing him of being untruthful.

‘You‘re making the mistake of just accepting without question the assertions that were made,‘ Senator Cormann said during a parliamentary estimates hearing in Canberra on Tuesday. 

Mr Gordon told Daily Mail Australia he was sunburnt after working a long day and had consumed four beers when he flipped the bird at the Prime Minister.

‘He made it clear he was going to get served first and when I was getting served, the Prime Minister came along with his bouncers and he just jumped in front of me and got served,‘ he said.

The 26-year-old landscaper doesn‘t regret being fined $756 for public nuisance, which is triple the amount previously reported in the media.

Mr Gordon, who had been at his local hotel playing the poker machines, said the ‘most powerful man in Australia‘ had been ‘disrespectful‘. 

‘If that‘s how Australian politics is going to act, Australia is going downhill very fast,‘ he said.

He also accused Finance Minister Mathias Cormann of picking on an ordinary worker who often worked 10-hour days.

‘Well, if the Liberal Party have a big go at me, they can go ahead,‘ he said.

‘I‘m just a normal Australian citizen that works five to six days a week.

‘I pay my taxes. I‘m a small one getting picked on by the big one.‘ 

A  page has so far raised $956 to pay his fine, leaving enough cash for Bluey to shout several rounds of beer for his mates. 

Former Labor senator Sam Dastyari on Sunday set up the Go Fund Me appeal, after asking his 33,600 Twitter followers about the man who made a one-fingered protest at a politics in the pub event.

‘Pitch in $5 and buy him a beer,‘ he said. 

‘Where are the free speech warriors on this?‘.

Mr Dastyari told Daily Mail Australia he tracked down Nick Gordon after a school friend of the landscaper ed him on Facebook.

‘I did a call to action,‘ he said. 

On Thursday night, Malcolm Turnbull had just ordered a Fat Yak craft beer from the bar when Bluey approached him.  

Personal security pushed the man away and told him to leave the pub immediately. 

He was directed to an exit, he refused to leave and he then detained by the pub‘s security. 

Brisbane police arrived at the scene to detain the landscaper at a park bench.