Sydney hospitality workers using cannabis gummy bears at work

‘It‘s less obvious than doing lines of cocaine‘: The secret drug Australians are using at work to get high under the radar

There are fears Australian workers are using drugs disguised as lollies to get high on the job.

Cannabis-laced gummy bears and other edible marijuana products are apparently widely used by members of Sydney‘s hospitality workforce – and the people they serve. 

‘A lot of the staff on the floor take them or know where to get them,‘ a worker at one of the city‘s popular restaurants told

‘You also see them being passed around by customers because it just looks like they‘re having lollies if you don‘t know what they are.‘

The worker said the inconspicuous nature of ‘gummies‘ has seen their popularity soar.   

‘We know [what they are]but a lot of people wouldn‘t, and I guess they do it because it‘s less obvious than doing lines of cocaine,‘ they said. 

NSW Police told the publication they were aware of edible cannabis products, but had not encountered them in any serious numbers. 

A Health Department spokeswoman said it had no reports of ‘gummy‘ use in New South Wales.  

‘Edibles‘ have raised concerns overseas, with fears children could be attracted to the tasty-looking products, while adults may unintentionally take too great a dose. 

In the U.S – where 30 states have laws legalising marijuana in some form – ‘gummies‘ have been described as ‘the drug you can use at work‘. 

Possessing marijuana is illegal in every Australian state and territory, but the Greens and Liberal Democrats senator David Leyonhjelm have called for this to change.

In South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory, offenders caught with small amounts of cannabis pay a fine and avoid criminal charges.

In other Australian states, repeat offenders are charged after cautions and treatment programs fail. 

Federally, both major parties in Australia support medicinal cannabis however they have drawn the line at recreational marijuana use.