Sydney man jailed for ‘pleasuring himself‘ on a train on Boxing Day

Man jailed for seven months for performing a sex act on a train in front of horrified passengers – and he doesn‘t even remember doing it

A pervert has been jailed for seven months after he was busted masturbating on a train while moving from seat to seat to stare at different women – despite not being able to remember the 16-minute performance.

John Anthony Smith, 24, from Bellambi near Wollongong, south of , was sentenced to jail on Tuesday after pleading guilty to obscene exposure on a train, late last year.

Smith was on the 6.24am train from Dapto to Bondi on Boxing Day when he started to masturbate, court documents reveal.

He allegedly rubbed himself while moving along the carriage for 16 minutes, he stared at women as he touched himself but didn‘t speak to them, Treports.

Smith claims he has no memory of his vile acts on the train – despite pleading guilty in Wollongong Magistrates Court.

Police posted pictures of Smith on Facebook after formal complaints were made by a number of women on the train.

He handed himself into police after seeing the images taken from the train‘s CCTV.

‘Smith acknowledged it was him in the footage but stated he could not remember the incident at all,‘ court documents said. 

Magistrate Cate Follent acknowledged Smith had been under the influence of drugs at the time of the offences.

She recommended he receive drug and alcohol counselling. 

Smith will be eligible for parole on July 8 after having already spent time in custody.

It comes after a man was convicted earlier this year for receiving oral sex on an Illawarra train in a daylight romp which shocked Australia. 

Shane Brennan, 38, from Wollongong, claimed a woman approached him on the platform at Port Kembla as he waited for the 9.56am train on December 14 and said: ‘I‘m horny, will you f*** me?‘.

He said he accepted oral sex from her because ‘I can‘t help myself.‘

Brennan was caught with his pants down at the end of the line after using Coca Cola to clean his genitals. 

He was fined $700 for the offence.