The Voice‘s Brock Ashby on making his music career dreams come true

‘I‘m not looking for attention from women!‘ The Voice heartthrob Brock Ashby confesses he‘s solely focused on making his music career dreams come true… after an app glitch nearly cost him a spot in the finals

‘s Brock Ashby has wooed ladies across the nation with his buff physique and charm.

But the 24-year-old has told : ‘I‘m not on the show for the attention of women.‘

Hoping to be more than just the hunky singer on The Voice, he told the publication this week: ‘The purpose of me participating in The Voice is to pursue my passion and to inspire and motivate people.‘

While the single transformation coach aiming to take the title of The Voice, he added that he is not opposed to meeting the right woman.

When asked what he was looking for in his dream lady, he detailed: ‘I want someone who really looks after themselves. I‘d like them to be healthy and strong.‘     

This comes after frustrated fans of The Voice have claimed they couldn‘t vote to save the good-looking artist on Sunday night due to a glitch in the app.

The popular personal trainer found himself in the bottom two alongside Luke Anthony – but managed to scrape a pass into the top 12 next week.

Furious viewers vented that they kept getting an error message whenever they tried to vote for Brock and angrily called for Nine bosses to ‘fix the stupid app‘.

Fans shared screenshots of the alleged message they received, which read: ‘Sorry, something‘s not quite right. Please close the application, check your connection and try again.‘ 

They flocked to Twitter to rant about the glitch and claim it was stopping them from voting for Sydney-based singer Brock.  

‘I‘m gonna be SO p**sed if Brock doesn‘t make it because the stupid app is broken,‘ one user vented.

Another added, ‘Error 401 if Brock goes home I‘ll be so mad,‘ while a third fumed, ‘Wth is wrong with the voice app? I want to vote Brock!‘   

Channel Nine confirmed to Daily Mail Australia that there was a glitch with the app but that it didn‘t affect the voting.

‘Due to an unexpected and overwhelming influx of voters on The Voice Australia app compared to the same time last year, there was an error affecting a small minority of voters. While this affected both artists equally, the result was a clear one, and so it did not ultimately affect the outcome,‘ a spokesperson said. 

Brock now joins the top 12 and will compete in the next live show to secure his place in the finals.