Townsville McDonald‘s assault: Teenagers jailed for violent bashing

Two teenagers are jailed for savagely bashing a stranger who politely uttered ‘g‘day‘ as he passed them outside of a McDonald‘s

Two teenage boys who tackled and then beat up a stranger who had greeted them outside a McDonald‘s earlier in the night have been jailed for three years.

Sean Reece Gorry and Jordan William Claus, both 19 at the time of the violent attack last year, approached the man as he walked home in Townsville, North Queensland.

The court heard the 32-year-old victim had finished a night shift and said ‘G‘day or words to that affect‘ to Gorry after bumping into the man outside a McDonald‘s store.

Crown Prosecutor Monique Sheppard explained Gorry took the friendly exchange as an insult, and said ‘this is the f***head who called me names at McDonald‘s‘ when he spotted the man walking home after finishing his meal. 

The teens later followed the man as Gorry walked on the opposite side of the road, whilst Claus ran behind and tackled him to the ground.

The victim said he was punched several times in the face as he was held down at his ribs.

As a result of the violent ambush, he was left with serious injuries to his eyes and suffered double vision and reduced range of eye movement. 

Defence barrister Darrin Honchin argued that Claus was under the influence of alcohol, but was not intoxicated.

He said his client had a ‘genuine inability to recall‘ the attack. 

Both teenagers were sentenced to three years behind bars, and will be able to apply for parole in eight months.  

Assault causing grievous bodily harm in holds a maximum sentence of seven years in jail.